things to know

M O S S  los angeles

things to know

small batches    |    in most cases, we work with makers and artisans, both locally and internationally, who produce in small quantities. this means that goods are made to order and in smaller batches that can sell out quickly.  in this case, we will do our very best to get your item restocked as soon as possible.

handmade    |    because of the handmade nature of a lot of our products, please expect variations in size, detail and color.  personally, we think this adds to the charm and gives it a "one of a kind" quality. we believe you will appreciate these subtle differences as well

pantry items    |    our pantry items tend to be seasonal in nature, so if you see something that calls to you we encourage you to get it while it lasts!  you can expect a new offering as the year progresses.

gifts    |    if you are sending a gift, please note it in the comments section and we will gladly giftwrap it and include a card for the recipient.