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integrated reiki

a comprehensive, sensory rich session, integrating the healing art of reiki, breath, meditation, essential oils, and intuitive work.

ideal for stress-release, rebalancing, grounding, anxiety, and reconnecting with self.

all sessions are personalized and include a one-on-one consultation in order to best serve your individual needs.

75 minutes | $145 90 minutes | $170


trauma release

this energetic session goes deeper into the places in our bodies where we hold on to pain and trauma. a holistic blend of reiki, guided breath work, and meditation serve to create a safe and sacred space to release and unblock painful patterns that keep us stuck.

recommended for grief, heart healing and releasing old energetic patterns, physical or emotional trauma.

all sessions include a 30-minute consultation, allowing space to personalize the session to your specific needs.

90 minutes | $170