ANIMAL sessions

using a method of reiki and a combination of intuition and spiritual gifts, I am able to telepathically connect and communicate with animals.

in these sessions, I gain insight into the root of physical or behavioral challenges, reasons behind patterns of behavior, and hear their messages about how we can best serve them to ensure their sense of security, balance, and trust.

all sessions are conducted remotely by energetically connecting with a specific animal and having a “conversation.” once the session is complete, results are shared via phone or skype, depending on your personal preference. notes will also be provided for your reference and records.

find more information in the HOW IT WORKS section below.

animal communication session | $140


SOUL sessions

using my intuitive and spiritual gifts, I can connect with specific souls—both those who are living and those who have passed on.  in these sessions, I am able to directly “converse” with animals souls and human souls (including children, individuals in comas, and those with alzheimers or dementia).

these sessions are conducted remotely and they work by connecting energetically with a soul and having a “conversation,” much like we do in everyday life.

such sessions are also helpful for intuitively receiving information from your own energetic body around stressors and illnesses. it’s perfect for remote healing and can be combined with remote reiki for additional balancing effects.

for the session, a client can choose to supply either a list of questions, messages they want to relay (if connecting with a loved one who has passed on), or a combination of these.

once the session is complete, the conversation is relayed via phone or skype. a written transcript of the session is also provided for your records and reference.

find more information in the HOW IT WORKS section below.

animal soul session | $140 soul session | $220 soul session + remote reiki | $280



how it works

to schedule a communication session, please read through the information below and click the request a session button. once we’ve received your request, we will get back to you with a time frame for your session and what to expect next.




a photo of the animal

all communication sessions are free-form and can be adapted to you and your animal’s specific situation.  please include the nature of your request (i.e. medical or behavioral concern) and what you’d like to cover—this could be a list of specific questions for your animal (as many as you feel you need), thoughts you’d like to share with them, or a combination of both.





soul communication sessions can be designed to ask or share anything you would like to communicate to the departed soul (person or animal).

please take some time to formulate what you would like to say. this can be in the form of a letter or specific questions (as many as you feel you need), and can include almost anything that you want to address.

for soul sessions + remote reiki, please provide the nature of the concerns (physical or emotional) that you would like insight into. please include a short description of what the issue is and how it is affecting you