We are all energetic and intuitive beings. Since starting this work, I have had so many people ask me “how” I access the information I do, and how I am able to communicate on a non-physical level. The truth is, we can all do this. Though our “gifts” may take different forms (seeing, hearing, or simply sensing information), it is not something that is reserved for a special few. It’s built into our senses and everyone has it. If you are curious about how to connect more with this part of yourself, keep on reading…

start to notice your intuitive nature - The truth is, we received intuitive messages every day. They come in the form of feelings, senses we get about people and places, random answers that come to us from friends, maybe something we’ve heard on a podcast or even a song. Because we are energetic beings, we pick up on most of our information energetically. This is why when you meet someone, you often get an immediate read on them. There is something about them you like or something about them you don’t. Most people pick up on this in extreme cases, meaning people you REALLY like, or those that REALLY rub you the wrong way. As you get more attuned to feeling into your environment, you will be able to pick up on the energies of people and spaces by simply being around them. Start to notice the environments that feel good to you and those that feel difficult. You can do this with events as well, the next time you are in a meeting at work, read the way the energy feels in the room, what is your intuition telling you on a non-verbal level.

turn down the noise - One of the other main reasons intuition may seem hard to access is because of external noise. This refers to both audible noises, as well as, the noise in our minds or mental clutter. It’s been about 8 years now that I’ve consciously reduced the noise in my physical and mental space. This means more silence and bigger doses of nature. In that time, not only has my life calmed WAY down, but my intuition really came online and it seems to get more attuned as the years pass. We spend most of our lives being constantly over-stimulated by external sources, from news to television, to traffic, and even music. Though none of these things on their own are problematic (well, may just the news…), the constant stimulation keeps our brain on overdrive. Layer in the to-do lists, and always running to keep up with over-scheduled lives, and you can pretty much say good-bye to your intuition coming through. There is simply no space for it. Try taking it down a notch, block out time for a few minutes of silence, take up a meditation practice or head out for regular walks in nature. You’ll be surprised what comes through…

intuition is quiet - It rarely (never for me) comes in like a flash of lighting or a jolt of clarity. it’s subtle, it’s a quiet thought, a recurring feeling, that thing that you keep seeing repeatedly, the book that four of your friends have mentioned now, the coffee shop you keep meaning to check out, these are intuitive hits. as you become attuned to your own intuitive messages, you may notice other details as well, maybe a particular sensation in your body, like feeling warm or cold. for me, it comes with a sense of “having to do something” that feels different than other ideas or prompts that float through my brain.

trust the information that comes through - This is probably the toughest one for most of us. The fact is that most of us disregard this information. We have been taught that in order for information to be relevant, it has to be processed logically through the mind. Our minds, however, are simply one way in which we access information, and usually not the most accurate. The other thing is that information doesn’t always align with how we “see our lives”. Your intuition is coming from within you but from a higher self. It’s not really concerned with whether this information “makes sense” in our world or is convenient for us. For example, you may be an executive with a lucrative career, yet your intuition is nagging you to write a book in the woods. Or you might get a hit to visit a certain place and not really understand why. The best way to learn to trust this information is to follow the trail. I’ve learned that for me, intuitive hits are like a breadcrumb trail. The outcome might not be super obvious at that moment, but invariably, they lead me down a path, one crumb at a time.