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M O S S  los angeles

about us


the shape of a spoon     |     the curve of a bowl     |     milky shades of white     |     the way a cup feels in your hands     |     the throw you want to stay under     |     the color of pink salt     |     a perfect vessel to put it in     |    teeny tiny spoons     |     an earthy scrub     |     linen in that perfect shade of grey     |     makers + creators     |     artists + artisans     |     texture     |     perfection     |     imperfection     |     community     |     little things     |    collaboration     |     local jam     |     good things made in small batches     |    and a space to share it...


giving back in a meaningful way     |     building a community of support for artistic expression     | creativity  +  entrepreneurial spirit     |     encouraging impractical dreams     |     showing up

each season we will be contributing a percentage of our profits to a project sponsored by kickstarter or go fund me.  it is our way of supporting all of the above in the way that feels most meaningful to us. if you are interested in finding out more about who's dreams you helped to materialize,  please sign up for our seasonal newsletter where we will share these updates and other goodies!